Thursday, August 31, 2006

Catching up

I haven't written for a while, as I have been busy trying to sort out the house. With a bit of luck we may be moving in a few weeks time, if all goes according to plan ...

Following Edwin's talk last Monday, he Emailed to say thank you, and that he had enjoyed my references to him in the book, which made him laugh. He is also adding a link to my site from his, when his partner next updates it. That should help a great deal, since his site gets a lot of visits, especially since he began work at the College of Psychic Studies in London. His third book is due out sometime this month.

Last Wednesday I had Emails from 2 friends - one of whom I know from the Atlantean Archives course I did last year, and one whom I was introduced to by Joshua Shapiro, the American crystal skull researcher. They both wanted my address so they could send me cheques for signed copies. The first arrived yesterday, but I am still waiting for the second one. I expect she has been busy over the Bank Holiday, as she does work full time. I also heard from my Reiki Master who lives just round the corner from the Chalice Well. She is going there to buy a copy, and wants me to sign it next time I visit. I Emailed her back to say thank you.

There is not much to repor apart from that. The house seems to be taking up most of our time. I went into Kingston yesterday to get some stationary and various bits, and went into Waterstones to see if the Manager had had a chance to look at the copy I delivered to them 2 weeks ago. He hadn't even seen it, and there did not seem to be any trace of it in the Assistant Managers office. I can only conclude that he must have taken it home to read. I gave him a postcard, and he loved the cover, and said he would definately remember if he had seen anything like that. I took his Email address and said I would send him the information sheet again, which I did. I also told him that Epsom have agreed to stock it. I will hopefully hear from him soon.

Coran spoke to one of his clients last night, and she has asked that he bring a copy to Church on Saturday, as he is doing a Pilates workshop with her. That will leave 11 copies that I have from the 50 I ordered, 10 if my friends hceque arrives. I will have to think about ordering some more, sending out some review copies and ringing a few more groups. Edwin suggested a few that I could try in his Email last week that I need to get in touch with.