Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My blog has won an award !

To my utter astonishment and delight, this blog has won an award for non fiction writing, and if I may say so, it really is about time this genre was given more recognition. I have said many times before that there are precious few resources for non fiction writers compared to our fiction writing friends, so it nice to find one more resource that I did not know about.

It is a good thing that I have such a curious mind, as otherwise the email that was waiting for me in my inbox this morning that notified me of the award may have been relegated to the spam box. Anyway, I am chuffed to bits and proud to say that those lovely people at Online English Degree (where one it seems can find out whether or not an online English Degree is for them) have recognised and awarded my talents.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Historic name change for Dorking

Mole Valley District Council have voted unanimously to change the name of Dorking following an important discovery late last year. This is the first time since the compilation of the Doomsday Book in 1066 that the name of a Surrey town has been changed from its original nomenclature. A spokesperson for the Council said that they were very excited at this move, as it marks as decisive turning point in the town's history. He also said that the change would be relatively easy to implement, with the minimum of inconvenience for residents and businesses alike, since there is only one letter in the town's name to be altered.

The Council came to this decision after a team of archaeologists, headed by Professor Andrew S Winehouse from the University of Surrey, unearthed the remains of a prehistoric civilisation of scrofa domestica (otherwise known as wild boar) on the outskirts of the town. The remains, which were dated to approximately 2000 BCE, include fragments of teeth and jaw bones with several intact skeletons of both male and female animals.

Following this decision, I can exclusively reveal that the Council have also unveiled plans to replace the current sculpture of the cockerel at the roundabout near the Council offices at Pippbrook in honour of the town's earliest inhabitants. The new sculpture is due to be unveiled at the beginning of April. Attached is an artist's impression.

The Council will write to everyone in due course advising them to change the D to a P ...