Thursday, February 01, 2007

The local library

This morning Coran and I went into town to pay our poll tax, and on the way decided to go and join the local library. I thought that while I was there I would speak to them about getting my book into the library. They gave me the telephone number of their stockist to ring, which I have just done. I spoke to a very nice lady who sounded interested and asked me to email her some information on the book. She said they do prefer to buy them direct from wholesalers rather than from the author, and they have accounts with the 2 distributors that I am registered with, so that should certainly help ! It is not ultimately up to her though, but the librarians themselves. The first step though is to send her the information, so I about to do that. How exciting it will be then to see my book in the local library in a few weeks or months time. I have registred for PLR (public lending rights) so it will be another small, but nevertheless significant source of income.