Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Heart to Heart .....

No news re the library yet, but I expect they will take their time anyway, as these people usually do - they are after all civil servants!

I did my talk tonight then at Horsham Heart and Mind and very succesful it was too. About 13 or so people came along, some of which I already knew, but most of whom I didn't - I know them a bit better now though, as five of them bought books ! One guy, John is writing a book himself on organic gardening and wants to pick my brains re self publishing, so he will be in touch. He also told me that he had been the son of Jesus in a previous life - a bit sceptical, but hey, I was told I was Akhenaten's daughter, so you never really know. Keep an open mind. He will be in touch at some point anyway, as he may be interested in my writing group - although it is some distance from where he lives.

One other lady runs psychic fairs aorund the area and has also promised to contact me with the details - she has several lined up for March in various parts of Sussex, which would not be too difficult to get to - in pubs and village halls etc I expect. She has promised to help in any way that she can anyway and took loads of postcards etc to distribute. All in all then a very good evening. With the copy that I sold to Des (Chairman and Editor of our village newsletter) earlier in the week that makes six copies sold this week - the most I have done for a while.