Thursday, June 01, 2006

There will be a slight delay

Unfortunately I have just heard that there may be a slight delay to the book, and it may not be uploaded to the printer until next week. It seems that James, who does the final tweeking as it were, has had some computer problems and lost some of his files (thankfully not mine!). He has just spent the last 2 days trying to piece things back together again, but should be back on track soon. To be honest though I was not expecting a copy until next week anyway, so does not make that much difference to me. Having waited five years I think I can wait a few more days!

Today then I had a letter from the bank confirming that they have opened the new business account that I applied for, the card will be sent under seperate cover, together with the PIN number. I also bought a receipt book in readiness for all those people who will be buying the book from me at various talks and things - mostly to help me keep track of things, but also so that I can write their details on the back to add to my ever growing mailing list. I also managed to persuade a friend to write a review for me on another website, which shall remain nameless, but for which I was until recently a moderator. I, and several others were unceremoniously banned when we voiced our displeasure at some new rules that the owner brought in, without bothering to consult us, the admin team, who were after all the ones who would have to implement these rules. Anyway, thanks to him, I am now, or very soon will be, co-owner of my own discussion site, Stairway of Life. There are however many people on the old site who I know would be interested in the book, and I am unable to post on there myself and let them know about the book, then his review will come in very handy.

The other thing I have done is apply for a stall at this years Questing Conference at the end of october. This is run by alternative history writer Andrew Collins, and attracts around 450 people each year. If only 10 percent of them buy the book then it will have been well worthwhile, since if I am succesful, the stall will only cost me £90. Half of it has be paid as a deposit, with the remainder due one month before the conference, on September 28th. I await their response then with baited breath. Getting the books up there on the tube may be a bit challenging, but I am sure I will manage.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I have finally done it .....

The final draft has been delivered, and this time it really is the final draft. All remains is to get the ISBN, do the spine for the book, and convert it to PDF ready for uploading to the printers network. I will receive a sample copy to check through, probably towards the middle of next week, and assuming all is well, and no corrections are needed (which I don't think there will be), then it can go to print and people will at last be a able to read and buy my masterpiece.

It looks then as if I will be taking copies to Lundy with me. I may even contact the Shore Office to see if I can organise a book signing on the boat - that would be interesting and may even find its way into the Bideford Gazette, not to mention the island newsletter!

I didn't realise that as part of the deal I get an Advance Information sheet prepared for me, so I won't even have to worry about that. Once I have that I can upload it to my own website and blog, plus a few other sites that I post on, and send it out to interested parties with a few review copies. There are a few copies I need to send to friends who have helped me along the way, but I will try to keep these as low as possible, since although their help does need acknowledging and they will also sell copies to people they know, free copies will eat into my own profits. I have to pay for them, and sell them myself before I make a profit ...