Sunday, January 07, 2007

Looking Forward

Things continue to be quiet on the writing front - most people are only just going back to work after the extended Christmas/New Year break and we are still settling into the house and getting things sorted, so this is not such a bad thing. Once we are back from Forest Mere (going today for a weeks break), I shall start to get stuck back in.

The mock GCSE's start next week as well, which means more work invigilating. They offered me one day next week, which I had to decline, plus three days the following week after we get back. These are Tuesday 16th 1-2 pm and 3-5 pm, Wednesday 17th 9-10 am and 1-2pm, and Thursday 18th 9-10am and 11-12 noon. The timing for Tuesday is not brilliant as that is the night that I have my long awaited talk at Borders, but it just means I shall have to take stuff with me and drive from the college into Kingston and then home again. It will be a long day, but if I get some good sales that will more than make up for it. The exposure will be good for me, and will hopefully also help the Writers Group that I now run, which by happy coincidence manages to be the same week as the talk. I do need the money though, even if it is for only 7 hours work. The pay is not bad at £7.50 an hour, although it will take nearly an hour to get there from round here, as opposed to 15 minutes from the old house.

The talk at Horsham Heart and Mind is not long after that either, which means that I shall have to go to one of their meetings to find out where it is. I have at least conquered my fear of driving in the dark. That will be an experience, as there are several hairpin bends where there is nothing between you and a 200 foot drop to the bottom of the hill. Not too bad during the day, but scary at night, especially with someone coming in the other direction ..... I will have to do it some time though, as it is the quickest way to the main road that leads into Horsham. The next few weeks after we get back then should be exciting as things start to pick up. I am going to have a rethink about the cover as well while I am away and see if I can get any more ideas.