Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting Published in Children's Books

It has been just over a week since I last wrote on this blog, and I am pleased to see that I have another follower. The book world seems busy at the moment, with the Frankfurt Book Fair in full swing and deals being struck with various different authors (predominantly for a change, non fiction). For my part, I have been busy at work. With various colleagues on holiday, there has been plenty of overtime, which is good for me, as it means I may get that trip to Iceland yet.

This afternoon though, I am taking a trip to Guildford, whose Book Festival opened yesterday. Before you get excited, no I am not doing a talk (I tried last year, but they wouldn't have me), but am attending one - entitled Getting Published in Children's Books, given by Julia Churchill. Julia so the blurb says, is an agent who will offer important tips and advice on getting your book published. It is a little early for me to consider this, with only 1000 words written, but it will be useful nevertheless. I have taken the day off work (I only work for 2 hours in the evening on a Thursday anyway, from 5 to 7pm), so I do hope so. The talk starts at 3pm, so it will be an early lunch to leave at around 1.30pm, just in case I miss the park and ride and have to wait.