Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Local media

What a morning it has been - yet again. I managed to get those news releases written yesterday and sent them out to three local papers newspapers. The Epsom Post sounded interested, and asked me to send a picture of myself. The library across the road from the church are going to display some flyers on their noticeboard. I will try the libraries around here as well.

I sent the cheque yesterday for the balance for the Questing Conference. I will have to think carefully about how many copies I will need to order, as this is a BIG event. I will see how I do next weekend first, as I should be able to order more copies after that if I need to.

This morning then I have emailed IndePublishing to get a copy of their contract re selling my book on their site. The owner Jo Anthony said she could give me some useful suggestions re improving my information sheet, which may be helpful. I also Emailed the organisers from Friends in Focus whose meeting I went to last week to confirm that I was definately interested in doing a talk there. I allso emailed Heart and Mind, as I had not heard from them.

I then booked a place for Edwin's next talk. There were several people at the Esher group last week whom I hadn't see for a while, who asked if I was going and could I bring a copy along, so I Emailed Edwin as well to let him I would be doing that. It is only courtesy after all, as it's his event. I rang Richard to see if there was any news from West Country Books - he doesn't think it will go anywhere as he hasn't heard back from them. I might chase them up myself later on, to see what's what.

I also rang Gaynor to order some more books - 14 copies this time, just to make sure I have enough for next weekend, in case the local press do run some articles. They can be taken along to the Questing Conference if I don't sell them all. Gaynor has passed my details on to an amateur publicist that they use, one of Richards more succesful authors, who may be able to help organise further talks and book signings and even radio interviews. He will probably contact me in the next day or so, so watch this space ...

Last but no means least, I Emailed the Manager at Waterstones in Epsom to let him know about next weekend and that there may be some articles in the local press, as I mentioned that the book is availble from them, just in case he wants to order some more copies. It is time for lunch now and a quiet afternoon in the park - the sun is out and the sky is blue, so a nice long walk to blow away the cobwebs is in order, followed by a cup of tea and some mushroom picking.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Contacting Local Groups

I have been busy contacting more groups this past week or so, and have done five so far - Tranquility Awareness, Surrey Dowsers, Friends in Focus, Dorking Awareness and Heart and Mind. Tranquility Awareness have invited me to their next meeting in October, Surrey Dowsers are fully booked until 2008, Friends in Focus invited me also to their next meeting, Dorking Awareness are keeping me on file for future reference, and Heart and Mind are yet to reply. I will chase them up in the next day or so to make sure they received my Email.

The Friends in Focus meeting was last Thursday, and they seem very promising. It is a friendly group, run by the same lady who used to run Kingston Positive Living. There about 60 people there last week, so they seem to have a good turn out every month. If I do get booked I should get some good sales. I have not heard from my local Waterstones as yet, so will give them another week or so and chase them up. I am still awaiting confirmation from Cygnus Book Club as well, but they did say that this would take a few weeks.

My review was posted on the Internet forum I used to moderate. I was a bit surprised by it, as it seemed more of a criticism than a review. The new moderators Emailed to invite me back on to the site, much to my surprise. I managed to post some comments of my own and start a few more threads, before someone we have not been able to identify posted some less than positive comments on the site that I am now moderator on. I resigned from the review site in protest. It is best not to give this any more energy that I need to, but rather learn from the experience and move on.

This week has been rather quiet on the sales front. I managed to sell one copy at the Journey group on Friday, and one in Church tonight, and I still have those 2 stalls coming up. I must send the balance for the Questing Conference tomorrow, as it is due one month before the conference which is on 27 October. It will soon come round.

Today I Emailed a couple of organisations with a view to reviews - Atlantis Rising magazine, whose name speaks for itself, and a company called IndePublishing. This is run by Jo Anthony, a successful self published author and Manager for Pen Press, one of the largest short print run companies in the UK. She runs a consultancy business for self published authors, helping them with marketing plans, and sells various self published books via her website. I must sit down tomorrow and draft some letters to the local papers throughout the area, letting them know about the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival at our local church, and that I shall be there with some signed copies for sale. I also have some more websites to approach that sell and review self published books.