Thursday, January 25, 2007

Paul has been busy on my behalf

Have just got off the phone from a long conversation with Paul Ricks (Richard's publicist) who helps to promote AOL's authors. He has not been able to do much lately because he is embroiled in a rather complicated court case, where he is acting as a coordinator to help lots of disgruntled people. The case is nothing to do with AOL I hasten to add, although Richard is one of many who is being sued by this rather strange and very nasty character, a man named Graham Cook, who runs a self publishing company named Writers World. It is a long and convulated story, but basically Cook has been reported to DTI and Office of Fair Trading both here and in the US for s string of offences (well over 100 I believe), copyright infringement, taking people's money and not publishing their books etc, etc, etc. The list is endless. The internet is full of references to him if you tap in his name. A thoroughly unsavoury character by all accounts, who needs to be put a stop to once and for all.

Anyway, other than that, Paul has a friiend of his, whose name I can't now remember, reviewing the book at the moment to go in a small magazine that he publishes in London. He will send me a copy once the review is published. He will also ring Borders Head Office to try and drum up some more publicity for me, and organise talks, get them to order books etc to go into some of their other local stores - Brighton, Croydon and Wimbledon were mentioned. The other thing is that it looks like the Foyles multiple book signing is going ahead sometime in April - in the Charing Cross Road store - one of the biggest in London, and my name is definately on the list ! He will let me know then exactly when it will be, so I can pencil it into my bulging diary.

I have also just tried to ring Cygnus to jolly them up a bit and see if they are any closer to making a decision re my book, but Jackie the lady who deals with it is off until Monday (I forgot she only works part time). I am now about to find out about local newspapers in the Horsham area to see if I can drum up some free publictity for my talk there in less than 2 weeks now.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Editorial Duties

I went round to see Des this morning, current Editor of the village newsletter, and did my first three pages for the February edition - horoscopes, crossword and my very first news page as well, about last weeks storms! I must admit that I had been wondering whether I was really up to job, as I thought foolishly that I had NO editorial experience whatsoever, compared to Des who has worked in journalism all his life, but then I thought 'hang on a minute, I edited my own book, so that must mean that I know at least a thing or two'. I am now then getting really excited about this job, and really looking forward to the challenge of it all. I will have to get to know a lot of people - councillors, the national trust warden etc, but it will be great fun and a brilliant way of getting to know everyone and what is going on up here - and as I am discovering, there is a lot going on - the storms, the ongoing battle to get the council to fix our road being the most important ongoing stories.

I will have to drive down the winding road that leads to our village for the first time in the pitch black tonight, as I have to go to Horsham to meet Caroline who runs the Heart and Mind Group that I shall be doing a talk at in two weeks time. That should be fun! Hope no one comes towards me on the other side when I get to the legendary hairpins.