Friday, June 08, 2007

A week of reviews

I am feeling a lot better than I was a week ago, and realise that this was just a blip, and a silly one at that. All writers go through this and harbour constant doubts about their ability, so this is normal and to be expected. I expect even JK Rowling feels like this sometimes!

The day after that fair my copy of Nexus maazine arrived, and I finally got to see their review. It will hopefully result in some more sales. In fact, when I got home from shopping that same day, I found an order waiting for me from Amazon (I sell signed copies via them as well as my own site), so that is at least one more sale I might not have got.

I went into Waterstones in Epsom the other day, and was pleased to see just one copy on the shelves. I was even more happy when I spoke to one of the sales staff and was told that someone had come in and actually asked for the book by name ... I Emailed the Manager and he has ordered some more copies of the new and updated edition, which I am even more pleased about ... I am not sure how many, but at least 3 I would have thought.

I Emailed the Chalice Well also to see if their copy had sold and if they were happy to order some more. They have a new shop Manager - I can't remember the name without looking it up. She said that the book did sell, and asked for more information on how she can order some more, and whether I was paid for the one that I sent through. I replied that no, I wasn't and sent her the new information sheet with details of how to order, together with an invoice. I have not heard back yet, but I expect I will. She has probably just been busy.

Here then is the Nexus review:

"In combining her knowledge of pre and ancient history with mythology and spiritual philosophy, Surrey-based Reiki Master and crystal therapist June Austin speculates in Genesis of Man on who we are, where we came from and where we're heading.

Austin presents evidence for an alternative celestial heritage where the first humans were seeded by extraterrestrial 'gods' who returned from time to time to insttruct the fledgling homo sapiens. Information about the solar system, for instance - as can be seen in ancient clay seals - was passed on by the Nephilim, part angelic souls from another world, Nibiru, to the ancient people who civlisation seemed to 'spring from nowhere', as did that of the Egyptians, the Maya, and perhaps even the Atlanteans.

However, some of what Austin suggests about civlisations of prehistory and other matters is sourced from the realm of channelling, which can't be considered reliable. Nor can more recent records in the Gospels be considered 'gospel truth', and Austin admits this, relating examples of inconsistencies between these four books, ye she devotes many pages to alternative takes on what are undoubtedly forged holy books but coded with esoetic messages. Influenced by the famous 'Course in Miracles', Austin makes the case for our being souls interconnected with the Divine source, our role in this world being to learn to balance the light and the dark within ourselves. The more aware we are of our Divine heritage, the more connected we are with humanity as a whole and the more able we are to exercise forgiveness and compassion to our fellow man. The way home comes by getting in touch with the silence within, not by blind faith in a priesthood or religious buildings and ceremonies. (I'd have liked to have seen a closing chapter that draws all these threads together, but maybe that's in the second edition that's being printed as we go to press.)"

I think that all in all that's a pretty good review. I have already noticed an upturn in Australians and New Zealanders visiting my site ... The North American edition of Nexus is a month behind the other ones, being July/August instead of June/July.

The Paradigm Shift review is also out, written by the lovely Leslie Yetter (aka Paramour) from My Writers Circle. It looks very good, and they have even printed my own web address and the new cover. Here is what Leslie wrote:

"Genesis of Man” by June Austin has really opened my spiritual eyes! I simply could not put it down! Well written and thought out, it expands on territories I had never dreamed existed! As a result, it has changed the way I think about the beginnings of humankind. From beginning to end, this book will hold your attention and make you yearn for more when the last page is turned. Well written with clean citations, this book is more than a good read! It is a must have for anyone searching for a greater understanding of their spiritual roots. “Genesis of Man” is sure to set a benchmark for those seeking truths beyond conventional spiritual notions and beliefs."

I also have a third and truly excellent review, written by John Timbers, another of Richard's published authors, and a member of the little group who agreed to review each others books. I think it is superb for one who is new to this subject, and I am delighted and over the moon. It is long, but here is what he wrote:

Genesis of Man By June Austin, published in paperback by Authors on Line Ltd on behalf of Pigsty Press: ISBN 0-7552-0236-8. Reviewed by John Timbers

“Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind…”

This quotation from the sayings of Gautama Buddha, is to be found in the introductory pages of June Austin’s masterly work and should be borne in mind throughout its 248 pages from the prologue to the end. June has undertaken the mammoth task of checking out many of the theories of the development of mankind and religious beliefs that have been circulating amongst interested intellectuals since time out of mind and which, in the last twenty or so years, have brought about a veritable rash of books claiming definitive proof of this that or the other theory, usually – but not always – linked to conspiracy theories about suppression of facts by – particularly – established religion.

In “Genesis of Man” she has brought together her well-researched findings in one compact and fascinating book. It took her five years of painstaking reading and detective work to get it all down on paper and, I suspect, a much longer journey of self-exploration before taking the leap into print.She has not been afraid to question many of the theories backed by authorities such as established religions, egyptology, archaeology, biology and geology.

Her reasoning from facts that have come to light recently from many sources – all meticulously noted – is hard to fault, unless one comes from that well-known school of debate that maintains that sticking your fingers in your ears and shouting ever louder wins the day.June advances the ‘teachings’ of what she would call ‘channeled sources’, meaning the explanations produced by people who claim contact with the spirits of those who have gone before – spiritualists, psychics and ‘walk-ins’. She herself lightly mocks her own beliefs, admitting that many will reject them as ‘lunatic fringe’. Each to his own.

I cannot claim any spiritual experience that would convince me that reincarnations of gods or angels are channeling true versions of our hitherto unknown prehistory to us. Nor am I able to put much credence into conspiracy theories concerning suppression of ‘facts’ about such events as the reported ‘Roswell’ UFO crash and other similar phenomena, however good the story – I write as an ardent Sci-Fi buff, who never misses a new TV series or book that features space travel and alien contacts – fairy stories for adults; pure light relief!

I do not dismiss out of hand theories that the development of homo sapiens sapiens could have been due to interference by extra-terrestrials. Myth and legend – amongst peoples who could never have had any contact – has survived from many thousands of years before written records ever came into being. They cannot simply be dismissed as fairy tales, when common themes are too many to be written off as pure coincidence.

In this book you will explore theories of the nature of the gods, the existence and origins of a super-race pre-dating the Sumerians and how they could have influenced the races of mankind in different parts of the world, giving them the knowledge necessary for survival – agriculture, astronomical mathematics and mutual dependence – in perilous times. You will meet characters of whom you have never heard before. You will explore the facts behind Dan Brown’s fictional treatment of the Knights Templar, the Merovingian blood-line of the French kings, the Sang RĂ©al and the Holy Grail – “The Da Vinci Code”.

You may take some of June’s ‘facts’ with a pinch of salt, but you won’t put her book down without being touched by her gentle exposition of how we are supposed to interpret the teachings that have come down to us from the ‘true prophets’. Whether you follow the tenets of established religion or none, you will find in this book something that will give you pause for thought."

Those last two paragraphs will be put to good use on various websites and forums that I am still a member of. John has done a superb job, and to think that when I met him, I thought he was the one least likely to be interested in my work and my subjects. It just goes to show that you cannot judge people by how they look, any more than you can judge books by covers ...

I am all set for the Phil Harris show this Monday. I have my instructions on what number to ring and when. Phil says that his listeners like to have a mixture of advice and information, so I will go prepared and have a good read over the weekend. I am not sure if you can tune in live from the UK, but will Email him to find out.

Have a good weekend everyone!