Monday, April 23, 2007

New, updated edition coming soon!

I must start writing this blog on a more regular basis, as so much has happened these past 2 weeks that I hardly know where to begin.

After much deliberation, I have chosen a new cover for my book. The work was done by a brilliant new designer Clifford Hayes, based in Hastings here in the UK, and well, what can I say. I wish I could add a picture of it here, but at the moment all I have are PDF's, and I can't post them for obvious reasons. The new cover will very soon be revealed in all its glory, so I am afraid dear readers, unless you are one of the lucky ones on my personal mailing list, you will just have to wait and be patient. If you wish to join my mailing list, then you can do so here. Don't say I didn't ask!

The new cover is a total turnaround from the present one, and has a much more scholarly image which I hope will do a lot to improve my sales. Clifford presented me with three images from which to choose, two of which were his slightly different interpretation of the original concept with Adam and Eve and the serpents gradually morphing into the DNA spirals. The quality of his work was so outstanding and visually stunning that it seemed a shame not to use at least one of these images somewhere, so I asked him to let me have a black and white version, minus Adam and Eve, which I am going to print inside the book, just behind the title page and before the list of contents, with a short explanation as to what it represents. The impact will be stunning.

At the same time I am also making some changes to the text - adding new information and slightly re-wording certain things. I shall also be changing the font size, from 10 pitch to 11, since many readers have commented on how small it is, and a bit difficult for anyone who is dyslexic or has less than perfect eyesight. I originally planned to use 12 pitch, but as Richard pointed out, it would have increased print costs to such an extent that it would have negatively impacted upon both his and my profits. So I chose the middle ground of 11 pitch, which is apparently their standard font size anyway. At the time of writing, the book has increased from 272 pages to 326. There may be a few more pages, since there is some very exciting information that I want to try and add as an appendix or postscript. I will say no more other than if you want to know what this is, then you will just have to buy a copy and read for yourselves. There is nothing else for it.

The Nothing Binding Site seems to be making a difference already. I see that my YouTube file has been Googled, and continues to get plenty of hits. Apparently I was the featured author on Nothing Binding yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't get to see it, since I was out all day, but never mind. The authors are rotated on a regular basis, so I will have another shout soon.

One very exciting piece of news is that I am soon to appear on US radio, on a show entitled "All That Matters" which is hosted by Phil Harris, himself a writer, from his own profile at Nothing Binding, of some repute. Phil tells me that his show is one of the top ten rated shows on the eastern seaboard, according to Adastra. This could do great things for me, as one never knows who might be listening ... I am booked in for June 11th, at 7.30pm eastern standard time, which is 5 hours behind GMT. I will have to stay up late, but I get the feeling it will be more than worth it.

I hope to deliver the final text for the new edition by the end of this week, so all being well it will go to print sometime during the first week of May, and I will then once again be seen hovering around the letter box waiting for the postman to call.