Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy New Year to All !

Just got back then from a lovely weeks rest at Forest Mere health farm, top health farm in the UK, and very therapeautic it was too, although not without its problems. Coran was in two minds whether to still go or not, but decided to battle through. He was in two minds on Sunday, and then on the Monday as well, and in the end made the very difficult and painful decision to go home on Tuesday morning after breakfast. We were both quite upset by this decision, and lots of tears were shed, but in the end it proved to be the best thing all round, as these things usually are. It enabled both of us to have much needed time on our own, (I missed my usual autumn/iwnter visit to Lundy because of the house move), which also gave us the opportunity to re-evaluate lots of things, both as individuals and about where our relationship has been heading. Several decisions then have made, about things that we both need to do, which are being put into action as I write. Won't go into details here, as some of it is rather personal and best sometimes not to keep rehashing stuff anyway, you have to use the energy and just run with it, which is what both of us are now doing.

So, while I was away my first royalty cheque arrived. It was for the rather sad sum of £19.11 - all that for six months work! This does not really represent six months work though, but just the handful of books sold through amazon and the few book shops that I have managed to persuade to sign me up, as it were. The 20 books that Borders ordered will not be paid until the next statement in 3 months time, as they tend to buy books on 90 day terms, which means that Richard will not himself get the money until 3 months after the books have been ordered, assuming that they all sell, and Borders do not have to send some back .... Of course, I am also hoping that other branches will have ordered some by then as well, now it is on their stock inventory as a listed item.

Just before I went to Forest Mere I went into Epsom and had the great pleasure of seeing 3 copies of my book in the mind body and spirit section at Waterstones. It was a great feeling, and will have to go in each time I am passing through to keep an eye on things, now that we are nearer Epsom and will be visiting more once again. It is actually the town I was born in and where I went to school, so until I met Coran I lived there anyway. St Michaels is in the neighbouring village of Ewell, and the fact that I am such a regular and well known feature there is probably what persuadd Nick, the Manager, to stock the book in the first place.

The big news though is of course the long awaited talk at Borders tomorrow night. I am nervous but as prepared as I can be. The books have been ordered, so I don't have to worry about brnging them with me, just need to print out my notes, bring a book signing pen, some postcards and a notebook and then pray - very loudly. All I am sure though will be fine. Will no doubt be posting here again either tomorrow night or Wednesday to let you know how I got on. Think of me then, and wish me luck.

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