Thursday, August 23, 2007

Did Oxford Street do me a favour in saying no ?

I have good news and bad news today. The bad news is that Borders in Oxford Street will not be stocking my book. The goods news though is that they have sent the copy that I sent them to their Buying Department near Charing Cross to look at, together with a copy of my press release. Paul is of course already talking to them anyway, so this might help clinch the deal. Oxford Street have in some ways then done me a favour in saying no.

The other good news is that I am mentioned in the weekly newsletter by Jerry Simmons (who runs the US based Nothing Binding Project). I emailed him just over a week ago with my news and he has put it in his newsletter. Not sure how many people get this, but quite a few, so it may result in some more US sales.

This morning as well I went to Waterstones in Redhill to sign those 5 copies that they ordered. They have a real nice and POD friendly manager, Kate if anyone else lives near here... She has though placed the 5 copies on a stand with Waterstones recommends written on it right by the front door. I am then feeling very happy. Back to the website then ....

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