Friday, August 31, 2007

Problems with communication

During all of this week I have noticed that there seems to be nothing but problems with communciation, first with my emails that did not get through, and now there has been a problem with the Surrey Advertiser, who did not print the piece in this weeks issue that I was assured would be in there. On top of all that, my glasses broke this morning, and I had to chase into town wearing dark glasses to get them fixed. What with one thing and another then it really has been one hell of a week.

As I mentioned here a few days ago, The Surrey Advertiser rang and spoke to me the other day and assured me that they would be running a piece in this weeks issue. Imagine my surprise then when I bought a copy this morning and it was not in there. I rang them and they did explain that it was a misunderstanding and nothing to do with the fact that it was not newsworthy enough and it would definately be going in next weeks editon. At the time it was upsetting and frustrating, but in the end it may actually have worked out for the best, since I am also going to be mentioned in next weeks local paper as well! I was initilaly a little concerned, since my local Waterstones ordered copies on the understanding that it would be in this weeks edition, but by having a mention in both papers next week, this is even better still, plus the fact that it will take this long for the books to arrive anyway, and they may even increase their order! The other stores who have copies may even get a mention as well, since I know that both reporters did look at my own website, so in the end, all is well that ends well.

I am not sure though what lies beneath all of this, whether it is residue dark energy hanging around the book, or just the recent full moon. I am inclined actually to think it is more to do with the full moon, since the spell that was put on the book last year by a witch of the darker persuasion has been well and truly banished, taking her with it. I will be increasing my personal protection again though anyway, since it never hurts, and in time will write about that experience with the dark witch as well. It is time to start mentioning those things I feel, since it will be part of the clearing process.

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