Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Has my work born fruit?

With regard to Gardners though it seems that I may have won a reprieve, following all the hard work that I have put in these past few months to shift more of those books. I sent a copy of the link for that ridiculous article re Cheeta the chimp to Richard with a note, wondering what was going on, as I had heard no more about the books that were supposedly being sent back.

When I got in from work tonight though there was a reply that said the following:

"Have tried to speak to my contact this am - he's on holiday, back Monday!! His deputy looked at the figures, "Oh yes we've sold 39 this month, I think we will probably cancel the returns as it looks like we will shift those pretty quickly, but I'll get your contact to speak to you next week. We certainly won't be send 120 back!"

Panic (at least temporarily) abated - result!! Your hard work paid off!!


We can it seems then breath a huge sigh of relief and get back to work! As it stands tonight the number in stock has dropped again to 121 - so at least one more then has gone through the tills this week, as single orders like this are always from a store replenishing the one copy that they have sold! Long may this continue.

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