Monday, February 16, 2009

Still Podding along Nicely

I have been aware for some time that this blog has been straying away from its original intention - to share my experiences of print on demand and report on the issues of importance to those who have or are considering this route. Too much of my personal life has been creeping in. It is difficult to avoid this when the two overlap as much as mine have - the need to work and maintain a personal life is something that affects virtually every writer that I know both on and off the web. Time spent at work, earning money to pay the bills is for most writers a necessary evil, and for many can be intensely frustrating, for it represents time away from perfecting our craft and doing what we love, and for those who are published, time spent away from publicity and promotion. It is difficult to find the balance between the two.

There is though a need to separate these two issues, as many of the posts are inappropriate for this site. To this endeavour, I have now created a separate blog, where most of those posts have been moved. I have decided to call this blog The Chrysalis Breaks since that is exactly what I am doing - breaking out of my self imposed bounds to become the person that I am.
The blog can be found here.

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