Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Self Publishing Book Expo planned in New York

Whether print on demand can truly be called self publishing is to some a contentious issue - but, love it or loathe it, where traditional presses are making cutbacks on both sides of the Atlantic, this aspect of the publishing industry is booming.

To this end, publishing veterans Diane Mancher and Karen Mender are launching what they term as Self-Publishing Book Expo, an event that will focus on self-published books and the companies that produce them. Unlike exhibitions such as the forthcoming London Book Fair, which are closed to the general public, SPBE will offer attending authors a place to exhibit and sell their books to the book buying public, as well as agents and publishers whom the organisers hope will attend. In this way, the expo will serve as a showcase for both authors and publishers to showcase their work.

Mancher is working with Mender, a former Vice President, Associate Publisher and Marketing Director at Atria Books, Dell/Delacorte and HarperCollins, to produce and develop the Expo. In addition to acting as a showcase for self published books, the SPBE will include panel discussions and lectures on the challenges of self publishing, and an “Open House” for would-be authors, which will be open to the public and hosted by representatives of various self-publishing companies.

The Expo is scheduled to take place in New York on Saturday, November 7 and if successful, will become an annual event. Authors may register at

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