Friday, May 29, 2009

Taxing issues

Having had very little regular work for the past four months, my finances are beginning to become somewhat strained. So today, knowing that I am owed a rebate, I decided in my infinite wisdom, that it was time to file my tax return. All went well until it was time to submit it, when I received an error message reference 6183 stating that the amount in box SSE31 must equal SSe22 plus SSE23 plus SSe24 minus SSE20/SSE21 plus SSE25 plus SSE26 if positive or zero. If you can understand that then you are doing better than I am !

I duly logged back in to have to look for said boxes, and it was then that I discovered that none of the boxes on my screen were numbered! How are you supposed to know which boxes to fill in if it does not give numbers for them ! ?

So I rang the helpline and got through to a very nice man who talked me through what it meant and what I needed to do. I joked with him that if the Inland Revenue are looking for someone to update their website to make it more user friendly I would recommend my partner, as that is his profession. I don't somehow think that they will take me up on this offer ...

The Revenue are though aware of this problem, and I was told, "are working on it". Things should be fixed by the time I retire in 16 years then !

Thankfully all is well that ends well, as thanks to my saviour, my return was successfully filed and I can look forward to a rebate of approximately £216. That should keep me going for another week or so ...

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