Friday, June 19, 2009

Sharing another authors success

I had an email from my writing buddy in Spain today, Tracy Saunders. Tracy published her book "Pilgrimage to Heresy" with i-universe last year, and after securing an agent has recently published a Spanish edition, now available in Spanish book shops. She has radio interviews lined up in four Spanish cities, and is nervous as hell that the book is about to become something really big. Actually I am a teeny bit envious, in the best possible way, and naturally I am pleased for her - she has worked damned hard to achieve this and deserves all the success that will come her way. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

The English language edition is still available through the usual outlets - Tracy has been trying to get through to i-universe she tells me, for the last week to order a further 60 copies. If you are considering publishing with this company, who last year were taken over by Authorhouse, take note.

Seriously though, this is one of the best books I read last year. Part fact, part fiction, the book is borne from Tracy's own experience of walking the Camino, the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostella in northern Spain. Interwoven within the text are two love stories, that of the two main characters, Felix and Miranda, and that of Priscillian, the last Christian martyr, and his maybe fictional love. Comparisons to Dan Brown are inevitable and unfortunate, as they were with my own work, but like mine, Tracy's book is nothing like Brown's work, but much more in depth. I won't say too much, as it will ruin the surprise, but this is a tale of love and beauty, of triumph over adversity, but most of all, a tale of intrigue, which I heartily recommend.

For more details see Tracy's website here. She also has a new blog which can be found here.


Mick Rooney said...

Wow, now if that's not a endorsement to read a book, I don't know what is.

Pretty scary for your book to take legs, but even scarier to take legs in a foreign language territory and have to do the daily promotion for it.

Well done Tracy.

June said...

Ah but that's the beauty of it all Mick, Tracy speaks fluent Spanish (she lives and teaches in Spain) and her agent is doing all the hard graft for her. None of this would have been possible otherwise.