Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dancing the Dream - book stuff etc

With the death of Michael Jackson just over a week ago, and the memorial service last night, in which my own musical hero Stevie Wonder gave a moving speech, books about the deceased superstar have gone through the roof. One of the four books penned by Craig Halstead and Chris Cadman and published by Authors OnLine Ltd is number two on the list of Jackson biographies on I joked to the chef at work last weekend that perhaps if I faked my own death I might sell some more books - rest assured that I am not seriously considering it as a career option.

In the meantime, Transworld are to re-publish their own Jackson biography, penned by the man himself, entitled "Dancing the Dream", originally published in 1992. The book is set for release on 27th July, and is billed as "a must have for Jackson fans and collectors". All the money from the sale of these books, not to mention his records, which dominate the top 20, will more than pay for that gold plated coffin, and wipe out most if not all of his debts. I am not sure at the logic of allowing his children to attend the funeral in such a public manner, although like everyone else, they need to grieve. My own father died when I was not much older than Paris, his eldest child.

On another unrelated matter, I see that three Muslim men were jailed yesterday for an arson attack on the home of a publisher yesterday, who was to publish a biography about the child bride of the prophet Muhammed. The trip poured petrol on the front door of Martin Rynja's home days before his company Gibson Square, were set to publish the controversial book entitled "The Jewel of Medina" written by American author Sherry Jones.

All this as British Book Shops places 600 staff under consultation following job cuts (the work force has been cut by almost a third) at their Head Office and warehouse, both in Brighton. Chief Executive John Simpson remains in his own words "moderately optimistic" about the company's future, and said there are no plans for store closures - expect to see closing signs then soon! I hope I am wrong and the staff and company can come through this. I wish them well.

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