Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pigs might fly ...

This is traditionally a quiet time of year for publishing, but nevertheless a few interesting changes have taken place since I departed for Lundy on July 22nd (Ilfracombe actually, Lundy came three days later). Namely:

The organisers of the Booker prize have announced that from now on, the competition will be open only to self published authors of one book or less. Several new categories are also to be added for non fiction.
The Times and other national newspapers have decreed that from now on at least 50 percent of the space set aside for book reviews shall be reserved for books published via small presses (including but not limited to print on demand).

New legislation is to be passed forcing the publishers of ghost written celebrity memoirs to declare this on the front cover. Royalties are to be split equally between the celebrity and the ghost writer, whose name shall also appear on the cover, alongside that of the celebrity.

The translation rights for Genesis of Man have been sold for a 6 figure sum, enabling the book to be translated into 6 different languages. It has also been accepted as a text book by a major British exam board for GCSE's in Religious Studies and Philosophy.

Last but by no means least, a pig named Rodrigo has been granted his pilots license after completing 100 hours tuition from Piggin Hill airfield in Kent. He celebrated by buying a Piggles costume ....

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Mick Rooney said...

You almost had me going with the MAN Booker prize, but hey, I'm first in line for Rodrigo's maiden flight!