Thursday, October 26, 2006

Final preparations

It has been a quiet week this week then book wise. I have still managed to sell 2 copies though - one on Sunday to a friend, Jenny from Leicester, who came down for the day to do a one day workshop at the nearby Kosmon Sanctuary on the cosmic dragon. It was an interesting day.

The second copy was sold on Monday at a talk on Rennes le Chateaux by our other friend, Maybel Hopcroft. Maybel recently took a small group of 8 women to Rennes le Chateau and Montsegur to do some clearing work.

Today then I have busy making sure I have everything ready for the Questing Conference this weekend. Better after all to be prepared, so as to avoid any last minute panics. I have priced up a large box of second hand books, and of course 30 of my own ones. May decide to take a few more, as the conference looks likely to be a full house - last I heard they had sold 450 tickets. They are usually a few people who turn up to buy them on the day as well, plus the speakers and other stall holders. So likely to be around 480 people in total. Might be best then to take a few extra books, just in case, judging by how well I did at the St Michaels Mind, Body and Spirit festival three weeks ago.

I went to the Post Office as well this morning and got £100 in £5 notes. Still have £40 of £1 coins to get as well, which I shall have to do tomorrow, as I can only withdraw £100 a day. I have also filled a big box with the various other things I will need - a large tablecloth, postcards and other promotional materials and a few of the books information sheets, plus pens, pencil, carrier bags, receipt book in case anyone wants one, my cash tin and keys, and a small notebook in which to record all my sales. Think that is about it then, apart from the £1 coins, and of course something to eat. Will pop to M&S in Surbiton later on or maybe tomorrow, and see what I can get.

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