Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Waiting Game

Didn't hear from Claire who is taking over the group, so I went in to the store again on Thursday to see if I could see her. I had to go into Kingston anyway. Apparently they are having a big meeting re the group next week, or possibly on Monday week, so once they have all sat around talking, I should hear from her then. She has my contact details anyway, and an information sheet on the book, so hopefully it wil be good news.

Heard from Ricky James, the Manager of Watkins in London as well, he is still up to his ears with books to consider, but shouldn't be long before he makes a decision as to whether to stock mine. Can't see why not myself.

Only one week then to go to the Questing Conference. This time next week I shall no doubt be sitting there surrounded by people admiring my wears and hopefully buying books. Have a lot to sort out though - getting a float of change, hoping my cash box is big enough, not to mention the table cloth I have bought. Deciding which promotional materials to use and how to display them, which articles etc to print out and maybe offer as freebies. Would have liked to have got some free pens or something, but probably left it too late now.

We are still waiting for the contracts for the house as well - were supposed to arrive a couple of days ago, but so far, nothing. We spoke to the solicitor yesterday and they have posted another copy out to us, so hopefully will arrive on Monday, and then I suppose it will all go. The house we are buying is already empty, so in theory we can move whenever the removal people can fit us in.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your site through the forum "My Writing Cirlce" see...people really do click on the sites in the signatures!
One note, I'm glad you are having publishing success. Your blog needs a little pep. I like to see pictures, have links within the posts etc. You need to motivate ME--your blog reader-- to keep reading, and to want to come back.
Check out my blog. I try to keep it interesting. I have tons of links. I usually use a picture with each entry. I try to keep entries fairly short.
Congrats on your success and 50 books sold. Woo Hoo.

Come by my site.
Feel free to browse my links, check out my layout etc. I am new to this too...but I am trying to present the best blog I can so people will READ it and COME BACK.

Best of luck.

June said...

Thansk for the advice, have just been through and made a start by adding some pics. Will work on the links as well .....