Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sainbsury's - groan !

The main news this week then is re Sainsbury's - groan, my ex employer. When I left their employ in August 2005, I led a lot of them to believe that the reason was to finish my book, although there were actually many other reasons as well, which I won't go into there. Suffice to say though, that I would not recommend them as an employer.

When I left though, and told them about the book, a lot of poeple said to let them when it was published, as they would like to have a copy of it. So, around one month ago, I telephoned the Personnel Dept (against my better judgement I might add) with a view to seeing if they would be prepated to let me place a copy in the staff canteen with an order form.

I spoke to a lady called Donna, who in turn spoke to the Personnel Manager, Sarah. Donna then came back to me to say that Sarah would like to see a copy of the book. So I took a cooy in for her to see, on the undersstanding that she would get back to me in 2-3 weeks with an answer as to whether they were prepared to let me put one in the canteen.

One month went by and I heard nothing, so last Monday, I telepehoned the store again. I was told that Sarah was in a Managers meeting and would call me back. She didn't, so I called the following day, and was told that they were all busy doing payroll and would call me tomorrow. I waited until Thursday afternoon before ringing the store again and telling them that I would be coming in after the Journey group on Friday afternoon. They then said that they would leave a message for me at the Customer Service desk.

When I got there, there was no message, so I signed in and went upstairs to see Personnel. Sarah was in yet another meeting. I was then told though, by another lady in Personnel, that Sarah had put my book in the canteen, after it was delivered, and surprise, surprise - it had gone missing. To say that I was unhappy about this is an understatement. I did NOT give them permission to do this - they were supposed to ciontact me first, and anyway, what is the point in putting a book on display to gauge interest with no information as to how people can order a copy.

After I got home, Sarah finally did ring, and gave me a load of old waffle about how she though they were doing me a favour by doing this, as I used to work there. If this is a favour - allowing someone to steal my book, then I dread to think how they treat their enemies.

The long and the short of it is that I have fired off a letter to the Store Manager, telling him what I think and asking for an apology. Technically they owe me £15 for that missing book, but I know I don't have a hope in hell of getting it. They do though owe me an apology though at the very least. We shall see. In some strange way though ,this has helped me to see that actually I don't need Sainsbury's anymore and helped me to out the whole thing to bed, or at least to start tucking it in .....

The Tranquility Awareness meeting on Friday though was good. They have invited me to bring some books along to the next meeting in November, which will be good. I have finally sent a flyer as well to Linda, the lady at Borders who organises the mind, body and spirit group, and am going in to Kingston to see her this afternoon, to discuss the group in more detail and share some ideas.

I have also done the flyer for my Writers Circle and Support group, which I have been talking about for so long. No more excuses now then. The first meeting will be on November 16th. Must send an email out to everyone then to let them know.

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