Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Editing local newsletters

The talk at Tranquility went well - I spoke for about 45 minutes or so, and there were some interesting questions afterwards - didn't sell any books though! Nor sure what is going on here, as this is the second time this seems to have happened now (the other being the well publicised Questing Conference). I have a reading booked with my friend Diana in December, so that will be one the questions I shall ask, along with the reasons behind the aforementioned other site going up the swanny. I feel there is much to be learnt from both experiences, so it will be interesting to get spirit's take on such matters.

No news the move yet either. The buyers seem to be dragging their heels a bit, which is frustrating to say the least. We signed the contract at this end some 3 weeks ago, and theoretically there is nothing to hold things up at their end now the second survey has been done, so it is just wait and hope, wait and hope. It will happen though when it is meant to happen. I suspect actually that it is all to do with not just setting up the forum, but also the new writers group that I am starting tomorrow. If we were packing up ready to move then Coran and I would not have had the time to do either of these vitally important things.

The first writers group then is tomorrow night. I have to have four people come along to cover the cost of the rent, and so far it looks good. I have three people who definately want to come, and all the flyers I put out have gone, so it should be an interesting evening. The first meeting will be mostly to discuss what everyone wants from the group anyway, and what type of writing they all do. I will also though ask them to write their life story on one A4 sheet for homework. That will certainly be a challenge, and might also make an interesting post on the forum when I think about it. Will have to write mine first though ...

In the meantime though, it looks as if I may be the next editor of our village newsletter! This is a local A5 size pamphlet that is distributed for the princely sum of 30p per issue to around 2000 residents around the village that we are moving to. I had a meeting with the current Editor this afternoon, and have agreed to try out the role for a couple of months after we move, sharing it with him, with a view to taking over completely in May when he wants to step down. It will be great for my writng credentials and a fabulous way of getting to know my new neighbours so watch this space ....

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