Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More rabbit than Sainsbury's ...

3 November 2006

Apart from that though, I have been booked to do a talk at my local Borders in January ! When I signed the contract, back in April, one of the first things I did was visualse myself standing in that store, doing a tlak and signing copies, with a big poster in the window with my name on it, and now it is going to happen ! The talk has been tentatively booked for January 16 next year, and I can talk for as long as I need to. It will be in the mind, body and spirit section of the store, as part of the mind, body and spirit group that they have recently set up. Best of all, they have already bought one copy of the book (direct from me at full cover price) to put on display and for the staff to read through, and plan to order ip to 20 more so they can make a big display of books prior to the talk going ahead. They have even agreed to help me promote my writers circle which starts next week, by displaying flyers in the shop.

I have also been asked to do a talk at the Tranquility Awareness group next Friday as well! The speaker that threy had booked for next week has pulled out at the last moment, and so they asked me to step in. I will share the spot with Gina, who is one of the organisers, so will talk maybe for around 30 or 45 minutes, but I can easily do that, as I have the basis for a talk already that I did back in August, when it was first launched at St Michaels. It's all happening then !

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