Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Borders Part 2

The Borders mind, body and spirit group was tonight with Andrew and Helen Hain, self published friends of mine from the Kingston area, whom I met at the St Michaels mind, body and spirit festival in october. Went along then to support them and also see Claire, the organiser. I almost didn't recognise her, as she has dyed her hair bright red ! Anyway, the good news is that they have ordered 20 copies of my book and they arrived today ! 5 of them were on display which Claire asked me to sign so they can put them on sale with flyers re my talk in January to drum up some early interest. She also said that the book has now been added to the Borders orderiny system so any Borders shop in the country can now order a copy ! Brilliant news then !

When I got home I rang Paul and gave him the good news. He is every bit as pleased as I am, and will let Richartd know in the morning. I need to ring Richard as well and let him know about our move and a few other things, so will ring him as well. Paul mentioned that he is also trying to put together a book sgning with 6 or so of Richard's authors in Foyles, Charing Cross and my name has been put forward, so watch this space .....

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