Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Borders part 3

Continuing on from yesteday, it just goes to show that no does not necessarily mean no. I approached the Borders head office some time ago, sending them a copy, as per the Store Manager's suggestion, and about two days later I got a polite letter back saying they would not be stocking it. I then remembered the MBS group at the Kingston branch and contacted them again, got booked in and before I know what is happening they have ordered 20 copies and have put it on the company's orering system, so that any branch in the UK can now order them and it is actually a stocked title ! Richard will be delighted no doubt when Paul and I both speak to him later on today.

I forgot to mention as well that I had a reading with a friend on Monday and one of the questions I asked was re the book cover and does it need to be changed. I had already spoken to Martin on friday, who is the partner of Marion who runs the Journey group at St Michaels. He is very artistic I have recently discovered (see some of his work here) and I thought he may be ideal to do a new cover for me. He jumped at the chance and has asked me to ring him when I have some more ideas and information. Paul's son is also an artist and has offered to help.

Anyway, though Diana, the lady who did my reading suggested that a few minor changes will be needed probably in the New Year, possibly around spring time, once the new energies come in. Nothing major just to simplify things really though. She suggested that the idea I had re the couple walking out of the sea may be too muchd detail, but not to worry or think about this too much, because like before, the details will be shown to me. This is not a reflection either on the first cover and the fact that this too was shown to me by spirit, as what was right then is not necessarily right now or in the future. I need to work on energising the book a little more and really empowering it Diana said, to get it out there and seen and recognised for what it is, and also so that I, as the author will be seen and ackknowledged as an authority on the subjects that it contains. I must say though that the news from Borders last night is very encouraging and an excellent first step on the road towards achieving those things. Will have to ring Richard later on then and add the details to both of my websites.

In the meantime, must get some breakfast, my belly is rumbling like mad .....

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