Friday, May 11, 2007

In the news

The new and updated edition, I am assured will finally be going to print either today or Monday, more likely Monday in fact, since I am still waiting on the PDF for me to check through. I have to receive that for approval before it can go to print, as I need to check that the page numbering and so on has not got horribly screwed up in the conversion process.

I find that doing the formatting oneself teaches one a lot about Word. My partner, Coran who is a professional website designer (and a very good one at that) says that I have taught even him things about Word that he did not know. In particular how to create an index, which is an essential tool for a book like mine. Also simple little things like the page numbering being different on odd and even pages and how to ensure that the prelims are numbered in Roman numerals and the main text in normal numbers (i.e, 1, 2, 3 etc).

Today I have a double reason to celebrate! I am mentioned on one of the UK's Top 10 writers blog sites (according to The Guardian newspaper anyway, and who am I to question their judgment?). The site is called Grumpy Old Bookman, and is run by one Michael Allen, a 68 year old writer (and reader) from Wiltshire, here in good old England. No offence to my American readers, but it is good to know that there are sites out there aimed at helping to promote those outside the US, and more to the point, who do not automatically assume that you are American. Other British writers (particularly from one site that shall remain namesless), will know what I mean ...

Here then is the link to what Grumpy (sorry, Michael) has written. I think it is rather good, and he has impeccable taste ...

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