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Crystal Skull Gives Indie June a Boost

For immediate release, May 18 2008

Crystal Skull Gives Indie June a Boost

The imminent release of Hollywood blockbuster, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has given a surprise boost to Surrey author June Austin. June has a long standing fascination with these beautiful objects, as guardian of several skulls herself.

Her book, Genesis of Man, originally published in 2006, began life as a thesis on crystal skulls when she was studying crystal therapy in 2001. The more June began to write and research, the more links she began to find between the skulls and other areas of interest, until it became obvious that this was to be a book, linking all the different subjects together.

In August 2007, June’s book, billed as the answer to life, the universe and everything in between, became one of the first print on demand books to be made available as a stocked title through Gardners Books, the UK’s largest wholesaler. Following this decision, June undertook a highly successful telemarketing campaign aimed primarily at Waterstones stores, and managed to get the book into over 100 stores nationwide, becoming one of her publisher, Authors Online Ltd’s most successful authors to date.

Genesis of Man took five years to write, and is essentially a potted history of our planet from 35 million years ago. The book brings together many different subject areas, including Atlantis, Gnosticism and Christianity plus of course, crystal skulls, representing a blending of spiritual, religious and scientific thought.

Copies are available to order from selected Waterstones and independent book stores throughout the UK, or http://www.amazon.co.uk/

For further details the author’s website at http://www.juneaustin.co.uk/

PUBLICATION DATE: May 2007 (First Edition June 2006)
Copies are also available direct from the publisher
Email gaynorj@authorsonline.co.uk or telephone 01633 676629

To request an interview or a review copy
telephone +44 (0) 1737 842523, email theeditor@juneaustin.co.uk

Price £14.99/$22.95
ISBN 9780755202362
336 pages paperback

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