Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The universe is holding its breath

I am in a very calm and relaxed space tonight, after a very busy and very exciting day.

I have got into the practise this week of carrying my mobile phone in my pocket at work. I know that this is not ideal, but everyone else does it, and when I explained to my Assistant Manager what was going on with regard to the book, and how I was trying to capitalise on the crystal skull resurgence, he actually suggested that I do this. Am I glad that I did, for this morning I had a phone call from the same journalist who helped to kick start sales of the Yoof Shakespeare book - To Be or Not to be Innit by Martin Baum, which is now Richard's best selling work.

That may though be about to change, as after a very interesting 10 minute conversation where Ed asked me all about the book, all about crystal skulls, and all about the market I am trying to reach, he said that he would do his best to try and get some of the national papers interested.

He cannot of course promise, and I realise that it may take a little time, but I really feel now that the time is right, and I am ready for this. I can feel and I can sense that change is about to happen, and that that change, when it comes, will be very much for the better.

So tonight, for maybe not the first time, I am holding my breath in anticipation of what might be. It feels as if the universe is holding its breath with me too.

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