Thursday, May 14, 2009

Publishers get a taste for the Espresso

Since the Espresso Machine was unveiled at Blackwells flagship store in Charing Cross Road on 17th April, books have been rolling off its presses. Until now it inventory has been confined to self published and out of copyright works, but according to The Bookseller today, the Hactette Book Group USA, Simon & Schuster and McGraw-Hill are among several publishers who have signed up to make their works available through this "ATM for books", making an extra 89,000 titles in copyright titles available as from next week.

Eight less well known publishers have also signed up, including general and academic publisher W W Norton, specialists Cosimo Inc, Clements Publishing, Kessinger Publishing, Information Age Publishing, California/Princeton Fulfillment Services, and Bibliolife. Oxford University Press and Palgrave books are currently being converted, and will be available in a few weeks time.

Over one million books will be available via these machines by the summer, with a long term aim of making every book available in this way.

Exact sales figures are yet to be released, but Blackwells state that 35 percent of sales from the machine have been for self published works, with the remaining 65 percent for out of copyright works. The majority of purchases have been one offs, with an average retail price of £11.50.

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