Thursday, May 14, 2009

Web stats are interesting things

Web stats are interesting things, I get mine from a company called E-web counter. I can't remember where or how I came across them, but the service is free, so that is all that matters. I get access to details on the last 200 visitors to this site, and after that I have to start paying.

My stats reveal that out of the last 200 visitors, almost 60 percent were from outside the UK - mostly the United States and Canada, although I also had visits from Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, China, Brazil, the Netherlands, the Ukraine, Spain, France, Ireland (I had quite a few of these) and Taiwan.

37.5 percent of my visitors found the site via, 22.73 percent via, 12.5 percent via and the remainder (27.2 percent) from elsewhere, mostly via my website and the various forums that I post on, but also through certain blog search engines and other sites. It is good to know that my own name is still the most popular search string.

The number of repeat visits is relatively low at around 8 percent, with the same amount staying for more than 5 minutes. One of these repeat visitors, I have been somewhat amused to see is my ex employer - it is good to know that they find my site so interesting!

Overall I think the stats are about average for a site such as this - it will probably never reach the echelons of the Guardian best literary blog list, although I have had visits from several writers who are on it, and been mentioned on one or two of their sites. It is not always easy to keep up to date with the publishing world, but I do my best to write articles which I consider to be interesting and informative, particularly for self publishers, who the site is after all aimed at. In this climate we need all the help we can get.

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