Monday, March 19, 2007

Feedback re New book cover

I added a new page to my website a while back and also posted on several of the writing sites I frequent, to see what peoples views would be re the proposed new book cover, shown in the post below. The feedback so far seems to be very good, with 99 percent of them saying that they much preferred the new orange cover. The one person who didn't like it said that no matter what I did he would not be interested in my book, so I am going to worry about him !

The general consensus though seems to be that they love the orange, and the idea of a bigger font. What they are not so keen on is the characters on the front cover, with most stating they needed to be more lifetlike (no one volunteered for the job of being a model though ....). One person suggested that the cross should be changed to an ankh, since this is a symbol of life whereas the Christian cross is a symbol of death - something that I may well ask the designer to look at. It has also been suggested by some that I drop the of Man from the book title, stating just Genesis: the answer to life, the universe and everything in between. An intriguing thought that does have some merit, only the bit about the answer is not really a subtitle, but a strapline. The book has been bout there now for 7 months already anyway, so not sure about the logistics of changing the title anyway, it will no doubt involve more expense for re-registering etc, something else to talk to Richard/Paul about.

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