Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today I am celebrating

Today I am celebrating, as not only am I off to my favourite place (Lundy) in the whole wide world tomorrow, but I have just received an extra special present from the postman - a big fat royalty cheque for the princely sum of £83.07! It may not be a fortune, but it is a lot bigger and fatter than my last one, which was for just £19.11. It will help to cover the cost of this trip to Lundy if nothing else.

Yesterday I recorded a lovely interview with Ben Ruddy from Nothing Binding. Ben is the business partner of Jerry Simmons, who is setting up the independent authors programme that I mentioned yesterday. He has a nice American accent as you will hear when you listen to the recording. I never thought I would say this, but it was almost worth missing an extra week in Lundy to be able to do this, as it could do wonderful things for my writing career. The sound is a litte distorted, but not too bad. You have to expect a few glitches with international calls. It was worth the cost of the phone call, as one never knows who may get to hear these things ...

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