Sunday, October 07, 2007

Living your dream

I had to laugh just now when I checked my emails and found an update from Karen Bishops site, What's up on Planet Earth?

Karen says, towards the end of her article:

"If you have a new and exciting creation ready which is truly in alignment with your passion and who you are, and it is not seemingly going anywhere, there are some good reasons why. Firstly, it is not time yet. The planet is not ready in the falling away state it is currently in. Secondly, your creation must be in alignment with the new and higher ways. We will be blocked from releasing new creations if they are still in alignment with the old ways and structures for a few reasons. If we released them now, they would go down with what is falling. If you are being blocked for this reason, you are simply being protected, and need to tweak your creation so that is matches the new energies. In addition, it is difficult to be in the flow of anything, if we are not in alignment with the new energies. As mentioned above, being in alignment with the new energies greatly assists in making for an easy flow in our lives, which translates to effortless being. So then, some creations may be blocked as their arena is not yet ready. Things are still being re-structured (or falling away enough to make room for the new). And others may be holding old energies. So all in all, no matter what your creation, it is not time yet for any of us!"

This brought to mind what happened with my book last and earlier this year, that it did not seem to be doing as well as I hoped. I was doing talks to groups of anything up 30 people and not one person would buy a copy. I did a talk in Borders, Kingston and three people showed up. I had friends who run groups recommending the book to their students, yet they didn't go out and buy copies .... I could go on. I later of course discovered that the book had had a spell put on it, yet everything does happen for a reason and there was it seems a method in this madness.

Coran has long been saying to me that he thinks the reason for all this was because the book was not ready to be widely read and also, that I as an author, was not ready to be seen and heard. Now that we are in our new home, residing in energies that more closely match our own new vibration (and Karen also talks about this), we are more comfortable with a lot of things, including showing our true selves.

The book then was tweaked accoringly, just as Karen says, after we moved up here, by changing the cover and making changes to the text as well. This was absolutely the right thing to do, and the right time and place to do it in as well, since that same week that the new version was released I had not one but two wonderful reviews from both The Self Publishing and Nexus mgazines, and also the invitation from Phil Harris to appear on his radio show.

Since then, both the book and I have done from strength to strength. I seem to have really got my act together these past few months and everyone is commenting on how I have changed, The book is available in several libraries throughtout England (I have this week contacted the Scottish ones as well), and 56 book shops (that I am aware of- there may be more) throughout the UK. I have also discovered that I am quite adept at writing press releases and dealing with the media. People up here continually congratulate me on the changes I am making to the village newsletter, and I have even started a part time course in journalism. You could say then I have got the life I was always meant to have !

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