Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Virtual Book Tour coming soon ...

I have been trying to think up new ways of generating publicity these past few days, observing that the main arena through which self published books are sold still seems to be the internet. The reasons for this are chiefly the fact that in the main, book stores are reluctant to stock such titles -especially when they are POD. This is of course due to the high print costs which make it difficult to offer high discounts or returnability. The situation is, from what I understand, far worse in North America that it is here in the UK, where we are somewhat more progressive. The standards of such books though also seem to be a lot higher, and maybe this makes a difference.

I am of course one of the lucky ones who has managed to get round this problem by persuading her editor to ask the wholesaler to take her book on better terms. While it is beginning to pay dividends and the book is now starting to sell, albeit rather slowly, it is not by itself enough, and I need to continually search for new and different ways to market my product.

I have noticed in the past few weeks that an increasing number of self published authors are doing what are referred to as 'virtual book tours', wherby the book is mentioned on a variety of usually blog sites, where the author is typcially asked a list of standard questions, and the author then places links back to these sites from their own. Most of these sites are though in America, and deal exclusively with American books. I have though been mentioned on quite a few other sites now - Wrinkly Writers and Grumpy Old Bookman to name just two, and this compared with the reviews that I have had and my upcoming feature in Writers News means that I have started to put together my own virtual book tour, which will be coming to a website very near you quite soon. Watch this space.

On another more personal note, the price list for Lundy for 2008 arrived this morning, and I am pleased to see that I shall be sailing once again this summer from Bideford. Even better than that is the fact that I shall be returning back to the same port 2 weeks later. This means then that I shall once again be able to stay with my very good friends John and Mary in The Red House, just outside Barnstaple.

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