Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My book is now available via sale or return

I am on cloud nine this morning and floating. After spending most of the morning ringing various book stores, quite a lot have definately sigalled interest - so I have spoken to Richard and he will contact Gardners at the end of the week and ask them to place the book on sale or return with a 55 percent discount. This will then leave the book stores with the 40 percent that they want. This is unprecented for POD and the buyer I spoke to yesterday at Oxford Street said that he would be amazed if it could be done. I have today sent him his courtesy copy, as per his request, and with an offer like that, I don't see how he will be able to say no. It looks like champagne time then!

I had a lovely Email from the lady at Waterstones at Waterstones in Staines who deals with local authors, and she is going to talk to their Manager tomorrow with a view to organising a book signing, contacting the press and everything. I am absolutely delighted and jumping for joy! It shows you what you can do when you send out the right signals to the universe and make the effort.

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