Friday, August 10, 2007

Still holding my breath ...

Coran and I had a lovely day today at Stonehenge and a well deserved rest. It was really nice to just sit around the stones lolling about in the sun with a good book, and have a leisurely drive back, watching everybody else overtake.

I have just rung Paul to get the lowdown on what is happening. He has spoken to Borders today and they have requested further information, which Paul's contact will pass on to the Buyer who is in charge of my genre. He remains confident that they will bite. He will try Waterstones on Monday, whom I expect will say the same thing. Writers News in the meantime remains a cert, as does the feature in Self Publishing, which I organised myself some time ago. The Times is also a possibility. Paul informs me that Richard will be putting out a press release some time next week, which will go on his own website, and will be circulated to other "interested parties". If he needs me to post it on a few of the free press release websites I can certainly do that as well. I will speak to Paul on Monday and see what the plans are.

I realise that neither Paul or Richard can promise results, but we are going to give this our best shot, and I feel confident that at least one of these contacts will bite. For my part I have some radio contacts of my own from the newsletter that I edit, and can also contact some of the local papers. One of Coran's clients has some useful media contacts so I might contact her and see if she can help.

Still holding my breath and keeping those fingers (and everything else) crossed!

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