Thursday, August 09, 2007

The times they are a changin'

It has been another eventful day. I am still floating with the events of the last few days, and can't quite believe it has happened. I spoke to Paul yesterday, who does public relations on behalf of some of Richard's authors, and gave him the good news. I mentioned the Borders problem to him, and how their Head Office have not returned my calls, knowing that he has contacts there. I also remembered that he has contacts at Waterstones and wondered, now the book is breaking the POD mould as it were in being available for the same terms as all those other best sellers, if they may be prepared to take it on board as a stocked title and send some out to all of their stores. It would save me the bother of phoning them all up - although I will do that if I have to! Paul said he would ring me back around 7pm tonight.

I did not wait for his call and decided to ring him, as Coran and I wanted to go to church for some healing. He has not managed to talk to either as yet, but will definately do so tomorrow. The good news is that he has spoken to Writers News magazine, and they will be running a feature, probably in the September edition. He has also spoken to The Times with a view to them doing a review! He cannot of course promise anything, but they have asked him to send a copy, and that is a start. You know what they say, that one good review in the right place can make a writers entire career.

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