Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bordering on the Insane

It has been another funny couple of days now the weekend is over. My energy levels seem to be all over the place at the moment - one minute up, one minute down, and I know that I am not the only one going through this, as I see it everywhere, reflected in everybody that I meet. Coran and I are are lucky in that being a little bit spiritually aware, we have at least some idea as to what is going on, and also have resources to help us deal with it. Most people do not have a clue what is happening to them, and so react to this in the only way that they can, with fear and uncertainly.

The roads at the moment then are filled with idiots, taking the most ridiculous and dangerous risks. I seem to be being overtaken by impatient drivers wherever I go. There is always an element of this when ones lives in an area heavily populated by flash 4 x 4's and sports cars, but I fail to see how some of the behaviour I have witnessed in recent months is really necessary. To be honest, it is the sort of thing one expects to see in Ilfracombe in mid summer, not deepest Surrey in the winter. I speak as one who commutes to the west country at least three times a year to visit my beloved island of Lundy.

Speaking of which, I hear that the island has been closed due to an infection. It seems that both the islanders and visitors have been dropping likes flies, as a bug works its way through the island. The island was closed then on Saturday for around 12 days so that they can do a thorough disinfect and try to eradicate whatever it is.

The island is also troubled at the moment with the need to raise funds to reinforce the beach road, which seems to be experiencing a bad case of subsidence and needs to be strengthened. This is a potentially very serious situation for the island, since it is only means of access to and from the landing beach, where MS Oldenburg berths up to four times a week bringing not just visitors, but also all the stores and provisions for the shop and Tavern. If the road crumbles and they have to bring everything in by helicopter then this would cost a small fortune, and also make it impossible to carry on bringing day trippers over in the summer months, which are still the main source of income for the island. I hope they can manage to raise sufficient funds. I will certainly be sending them what I can afford.

I have come to the conclusion then that Monday is not a good day to be ringing book stores, and from now on will use the day for other things - like contacting press, writing blog sites and other articles etc, not to mention doing the dreaded housework ! Today I have not had much luck either. Most of them seemed to be either not available or requested emails and stuff in the post. Various packages then have been sent to Northallerton, Northampton, Nottingham and Old Brompton Road. With a bit of luck I will have finished ringing all the Waterstones by the middle of October and can then get to work once again on Borders.

Talking of Borders, I see from the Bookseller website that they have been sold to Channel 4 chairman Luke Johnson's Risk Capital Partners for £10 million with another £10 million deferred. The staff will no doubt breath a sign of relief, although there is talk of some store closures. The Beckton store in East London is to close at the beginning of October, which could explain why they did not get back to me regarding the information I sent through last month...

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