Thursday, May 11, 2006

It all adds up ....

April 1

Now that I have completed my book, I am considering self publishing. This entails certain costs, which will need to be offset against a sensible cover price. Once I have set the cover price I will need to work out how many copies I need to sell via each route (direct and via booksellers) in order to break even.

I think I have more or less decided that the price will need to be set at around £14.99. Anything less than that and I will not make money. It is not only print and set up costs that have to be considered, but all the other expenses - other books that I have to buy, stationary, phone calls, computer peripherals, the cost of buying my laptop, different courses and workshops I have been on, petrol and car expenses etc. I am not sure what it has all added up to (I will have to check my accounts), but is must be at least 4-5K. That is a lot of money to make up for. As it stands, it will difficult enough to cover the print and set up costs, never mind all these other expenses. I am confident that I can do it though, and make a succces of it. I will show all those mainstream publishers who turned it down. "Can't justify an offer for publication, as we don't think it will have sufficient sales" - they will all end of eating their words.

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