Thursday, May 11, 2006

Got my first rejection today

January 26

I got my first rejection yesterday from Findhorn Press - no specific reason was given, just that the readers report did not recommend publication. It would be nice to have a more specific reason, but publishers are busy people, who get sent upwards of 100 manuscripts every day, so don't have the time to make specific comments, other than we loved it, or it is not suitable for our list. Such is life.

I feel a bit disheartened, mostly because there is so much else that I am dealing with, and this is one more thing on top of many. It is though a minor hiccup, and is not to say that the other 6 publishers who are yet to respond will also say no. Even if they do, there are still at least 30 others on my list, and that is just the UK, there is always the US and Europe and Australia, and for that matter, self publishing. I will just have to sit it out and wait, and try very hard to be patient. Patience though never was my strong point.

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