Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another busy day .....

January 12

I have had a busy morning - I sent two submsisions to Green Magic and Foulsham Press, also rang Thorsons and Piatkus to query the Editors name and check submission guidelines. Piatkus were very helpful, Thorsons less so - the man I spoke to was actually quite rude and trotted out the usual blurb about it being difficult unless you have an agent. It is difficult to get published even with one, and when they are as rude as they are (well the ones I have spoken to anyway!) I don't see why I should give them 10 percent of my hard earned income. I was not put off, and have sent all the details to Belinda Budge, their Commissioning Editor. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have also sent a query Email to small but growing publisher, Capall Bann. They would probably be my first choice if interested, since they a family run business who do not bombard you with jargon, and seem very environment friendly. Their website says that if they like your initial query, to send details single spaced in order to save paper! Most publishers insist on double spaced, which not only uses more paper, but also costs a fortune to send. Each submission is costing me £1.48, plus return postage and of course the cost of the massive padded envelope to put it all in. It does mount up.

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