Thursday, May 11, 2006

I have written the acknowledgements page

April 22

I have today written the acknowledgements page, which I hope doesn't sound too gushing and sentimental:

"First and foremost I would like to thank my partner Coran Foddering for his unwavering love and support, without whom this book would never have reached fruition. Thank you for persuading me that Nectar does not always smell sweet – you know what I mean. Thanks also go to Edwin Courtenay for the generous use of his material, and also for introducing me to crystal skulls; also to Carole Humber who so diligently organized and recorded so many of Edwin’s talks and workshops.

Grateful thanks to the trustees and all my friends from St Michaels Sanctuary in Ewell. I can’t believe that I lived literally around the corner for so many years, and did not realise you were there. I discovered the Sanctuary at exactly the right time, and it has been my spiritual home ever since, providing a welcome retreat and a comfortable place to rest, where I can truly be myself. Thank you for being there for both of us, during dark and challenging times, and for helping both of us to see our light. To Richard Scull and Paul Harrison for their wonderful crystal skulls at such reasonable prices through which much of this information was channelled; also to Shirley O’Donoghue, my crystal teacher, had I not done that course, and been forced to speak this book might never have started. To Diana Summer for your advice and encouragement from spirit, thank you for giving me a cosmic kick up the backside that I so desperately needed.

I also owe a huge debt to my friends at Phoenix Rising Forum, especially Gillyann Osborne, Amber Van Zyl, Wendy Grey and Yasmin Lawley. You are truly my rocks and the best friends I could ever hope to have. To Marion Howells and her Journey group, especially Kathryn Timms (my guardian angel), and Sheila Jolly, for helping me to find my voice. To the staff of Lundy Island and crew of MS Oldenburg for providing a haven from the stresses and strains of mainland life, and quiet place in which to write. I am sure that your love and dedication makes the island the wonderful place it is, truly Heaven’s Isle. Were it not for Lundy I would have gone mad a long time ago. To my friends Julie Ann Ross, Narguis Kheshavjee and Jon Swinscoe for their encouragement and support, but most of all, for being themselves.

I would also like to thank all those writers whose material has been so invaluable for the writing and research of this book; also David Tame and Tim Wallace-Murphy for their help and advice with copyright issues. Last, but no means least to Richard Fitt and his team at Authors OnLine, for helping the dream become a reality".

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