Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Verdict is in

April 8

The verdict finally came back today in the Da Vinci Code trial. Richard Leigh and Michael Baigent have lost their case, which was brought against their own publishers, Random House, and been ordered to pay Brown's court costs of £1.3 million, plus their own of £600,000. Both will no doubt have to re-mortgage their homes; in fact it will probably bankrupt them. I bet Henry Lincoln, the third author of the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail is glad that he chose not to get involved.

Random House are the ones who really benefit, not just in terms of publicity, but also through increased book sales. They are one of the biggest names in publishing in both the UK and US, who combined with the other big two publishers, control nearly 75 percent of book sales in both of markets. The ironic thing is that since all of this kicked off, both books have had a huge surge in sales. Dan Brown has gone back into the best sellers list, and HBHG has gone from sales of a meager 3500 a year to 7000 a week, with a special hardback edition recently brought out.

It is good publicity for the film as well, which is due for release next week, featuring Arthur, the husband of my good friend Gillyann, as an extra. Some of the more cynical reporters have suggested that the whole court case was a rouse by both authors for more publicity, but I can't see that, as to be honest, there are cheaper and better ways.

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