Thursday, May 11, 2006

Acting on instinct

January 23

Yesterday Coran had the feeling that I should email Findhorn Press and Capall Bann to check that my submission and queries had been received, knowing how unpredictable email can be. It was lucky that I did because as it turned out, Capall Bann did not receive my query. They asked that I send it again. The good news is that this one was received, and they like it sufficiently to want to see more. So first thing tomorrow it will be winging its way to them.

They would definately be my first choice of publisher if interested enough to make an offer.
As for Findhorn, it was received fine, and is being read by one of their reviewers. I should hopefully hear from them some time within the next couple of weeks. They would also be near the top of my list should they make an offer. There is a long way to go yet, as they have to request the entire manuscript first.

I am still waiting to hear from Warner Bros re copyright for Babylon 5 quotes, but then they do take their time.

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