Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's a kinda magic .....

January 11

So far today I have sent off one more submission; this time by email to Findhorn Press, and queried a small publisher I found via the Internet called Green Magic. I would have sent the deatils by post, but our Post Office closes early today, so I have printed out another copy of my proposal to be sent to Foulsham Press first thing in the morning. I will probably do a couple of more submissions before the day is out.

There are about 40 UK publishers on my list as possibilities - I will have to check their websites first to make sure they are really suitable, as in the Writers Yearbook many state that they publish non-fiction, but when you look at their catalogues, it is all stuff on gardening, cookery etc, which is not much good to me!

No sooner did I send that email to Green Magic than they got back to me requesting details of the book with a sample chapter. I have then printed it all out to be sent. How nice it is to be able to send a submisson through saying "Please find enclosed Book Proposal and sample chapters as per your request!" I know there is a long way to go yet though.

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