Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some musings re book covers

April 15

I bought a copy of the Gospel of Judas yesterday, just so I could add some bits about it, which back up what a lot of channelled stuff I have looked at says. That way people will hopefully see that it is not a load of airy, fairy nonsense - not that I am aiming the book at people like that anyway. Having read through the Gospel last night, and some of the other notes in the book, I have this morning added a few paragraphs. Today and tomorrow I will hopefully finish reading through part four, weeding out the unnecessary words and details. I then have to check my Bibliography, to make sure the titles and publishers, plus dates etc are accurate, and add a few notes about which versions I have used (paperback or hardback, UK or US edition etc). After that it will be ready to be sent.

This will not be the final copy, but as close as I can get at this stage. None of the POD companies offer copy editing, but they do offer proof reading. With Authors OnLine Ltd it costs £350 for the first 80,000 words, and £1.50 for each additional 1000 words, which I think is very reasonable considering. I will need to get it proof read, as you cannot spot errors in your own work. You are too close to it, and don't see things that others might. The proof reader is bound to find a few things that need altering.
Once they have received the text, Authors OnLine will look through it and discuss with me what services I am likely to need. Once this has been agreed, they will pass me through to the production department and put me in touch with a graphic artist who can design the cover. I already know what I want - I was shown the image during a recent meditation at the Earth's Cycles course I am doing.

It is basically a plain black cover with the title and my name in gold lettering. Underneath will be the image of the Christian cross entwined with two serpents, if possible morphing into the DNA spirals. On either side will be a black skinned Adam and Eve wearing nothing but fig leaves. The serpents will appear as if they are talking to Adam and Eve.

Once that is done, they will get to work on the rest of the book, and I shall have to start work on my promotional plans, booking the Church for the book launch etc, and deciding who to invite, including which, if any local papers. National ones are pretty much a waste of time. I shall also have to register the name Pigsty Press with the Inland Revenue, and set up a business account in that name.
Phew, so much to do and think about. It will all be worthwhile though. I will show all those publishers who turned me down ...

Fortunately Authors OnLine offer distribution in both the UK and North America, via their printer Lightning Source. Anyone from anywhere in the world will be able a copy to buy it via Amazon anyway, and it will be available via all of their sites. I will have to set a separate price for the US, but I am sure they will advise me on that.

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