Thursday, May 11, 2006

Speculate to accumulate ....

March 12

Yesterday I sent off the submission to Floris in Edinburgh - they are not a big publisher, but have some very interesting titles, particularly on religion. This afternoon I have also sent a submission by email (as per their guidelines) to Hay House (the UK division). It is not their usual type of book, but it says on their website:

Nonfiction subject matter: MBS, Spirituality, Self-Help, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Health, Complementary Medicine, Men’s/Women’s Issues. Subjects include social issues, current events, ecology, business, food and nutrition, education, the environment, alternative health/medicine, money/finance, nature, recreation, religion, spiritual growth. We are looking for distinctive and original books by authors who have the energy and passion to want to make a difference.

Tips from the Editor: “Our audience is concerned with our planet, the healing properties of love, and self-help principles. We’ve noticed that our readers are interested in taking more control of their lives”.

I think my book fulfills all that criteria, especially the bit about authors with passion and enthusiasm - I have loads of that - I must have or I wouldn't have spent 5 years writing this stuff.

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